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Worship and Music - Ethnomusicology


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Keith A Currie


Collegiate Training, Education Worship, Worship Pastor, Worship Pastor Requirements


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This study shows the relevance that musical skills, theological knowledge and ministerial experience provide in the encompassed ministry of a worship pastor and focuses on how colleges and universities prepare these ministers for a life called to service of the King. The literature reviewed showed an overwhelming response to the worship pastor being qualified in three areas: Musical Ability - there are certain aspects of this ministry that require the worship leader to be able to handle various musical situations. While these ministers need not be piano prodigies, it does require them to be able to lead musicians effectively and lead from the platform in such a way as to not be a distraction for the congregation to worship. Theological Knowledge/Understanding – understanding Scripture and what God says about worship is imperative. Along with worship, the minister must have a solid foundation in theology and doctrine, so that he/she may teach the congregation through song. Ministry Guidance – this all- encompassing category is hard to pinpoint, but it must offer guidance to the newly called minister in how to relate with people and staff. The data from collegiate degree plans shows that some schools provide training in all these areas and some do not. Each school has its own agenda in the preparation and implementation of a degree for worship leaders. There is no consistent template that universities use, each program stands on its own.