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Communication Studies


Master of Arts (MA)


Kristen Hark


Accounting, Content Analysis & Marketing, Position the Brand, Social Media, Social Network Theory, Use and Gratification Theory


Communication | Communication Technology and New Media | Mass Communication | Organizational Communication | Other Communication


Due to the popularity of social media, accounting industry gradually adapts to using social media for their social benefits and social business. Various social media platforms provide new approach for accounting companies to get involved in this modern digital age. The present study is intended to investigate the roles of social media in public accounting firms in modern digital age by comparing three largest public accounting firms’ social media usages in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook is community-based network that allows people to connect and make friends with each other. Twitter is a micro blogging network that delivers short and concise messages to audiences. LinkedIn is the largest professional network that focuses on the people’s professional career lives. The three public accounting firms that are analyzed in the present study are Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG. Through comparing their contents on three social media platforms, the present study uses content analysis method and professional software to accomplish the research. The present study found out that three public accounting firms put more time on three major categories: posting knowledge sharing, branding and marketing, and socialization and onboarding. There are also other categories that the posted information might fell into: recruitment and selection, training and development, creativity and problem solving, and influencing organizational culture/changes. In addition, based on the results from analysis, the present study also provided the suggestions for positioning the brand and the means to use content to outreach marketing.