April 2007




Master of Arts (MA)


Wayne Brindle

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Biblical Studies


Adam Christology; Typology; Type; Romans 5:12-21; Adam; Hermeneutics


The purpose of this study is to investigate Paul’s use of the word “type” in Romans 5:14. Adam as a “type” of Christ appears incongruent with the rest of the passage, which seems to put Adam and Christ in total opposition.

There is no denying the contrasts between Adam and Christ in their personage, nor in their actions. Even with respect to the actual consequences on those they affected, the differences are obvious, but there are very important comparisons which may be Paul’s true focus in this passage. Paul is comparing the principles of sin and death and the principle of righteousness and life in Christ Jesus.

The conclusion of this thesis is that the Adam-Christ typology is both comparison and contrast. God purposed in Adam the typology pointing to Christ to reveal that just as sin and death became universal through the action of another (Adam), so righteousness and life come only through the action of Another (Christ).