Communication Studies


Master of Arts (MA)


Carey L. Martin


EEG, EEG and Film, Electrodermal Activity, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Transmedia, Transportation Theory


Communication | Critical and Cultural Studies | Other Communication


This study looks at engagement levels within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) at physiological and neurological levels, and with self-reported measures. One show or movie in each of three categories of Marvel media (a movie, television show, and streaming show) were shown to participants who then had their brainwaves and galvanic skin response recorded to determine whether or not they were engaged with the transmedia aspects of the MCU. Results showed that participants were consistently engaged with the transmedia throughout all three media types, with brainwaves varying only slightly between each content. The Marvel movie, “The Avengers” was most engaging to participants who had their brainwaves and galvanic skin response rates recorded, while participants in a control group consisting of only a survey agreed with the finding that movies in the MCU were the most enjoyable and were able to keep their interest the longest. There were significant findings between ratings of television shows and engagement with each of the three media types for participants in the control group.