School of Divinity


Master of Arts (MA)


David J. Pederson, Augusto P. Rodriguez


African-American, Education, Global Missions, Global Missions Training, Missionary/Missionaries Missions, Training Curriculum


Christianity | Missions and World Christianity | Other Religion | Religion


African-Americans have too long been disengaged from global missions; they represent less than one half of one percent of all global missionaries. Re-engaging the African-American church community in global missions can be accomplished by recruiting African-American young adults to participate in global missions by way of a global missions training center focused on education and training. For the African-American church to become engaged in global missions there are a myriad of obstacles to overcome; namely, the lack of global missions education and training within the African-American church community. While obstacles exist, they are not insurmountable. The key components for engaging the African-American church community as active participants in global missions are: recruiting African-American young adults; educating and training the African-American church specifically focusing on the African-American young adult populace; and, mobilizing African-American young adults for global missions participation. African-American young adults are willing to participate in a global missions training program if given the opportunity; therefore, the objective is to recruit African-American young adults to participate in a global missions education and training program to equip them with the tools and skills necessary for effective engagement in global missions. Positive peer influence may play a role in catapulting the African-American church community into global missions involvement as well. This research discovered that African-American young adults, while they have not been sufficiently educated and trained, are willing to join global missions endeavors if their local pastors endorsed it, if a group of their peers were participating, and if they were given incentives for engaging in global missions. This research found that creating a global missions training center to recruit African-American young adults is feasible.