Worship and Music - Ethnomusicology


Master of Arts (MA)


Rodney D. Whaley


Private worship, Public worship, Transformation, Worship


Liturgy and Worship | Practical Theology


The life change that Christ Jesus wants to produce in His children is nothing short of miraculous. His offer of salvation immediately transforms the accepting person, bringing him into a divine relationship with the Heavenly Father, but Christ desires to further transform the new believer into a person who more accurately bears the image of God and declares His greatness and glory to all. This is a progressive and life-long process that calls the Christian to a life that includes sacrificial worship, avoidance of worldly living, and renewing the mind with godly pursuits. Because this is the will of God for the believer, this thesis presents a biblical foundation for transformation and scriptural examples of lives that were transformed by the power of God. Study is dedicated to the development of spiritual disciplines that produce life change in private worship. Attention is also given to corporate or public worship through the analysis of case studies to present identifying qualities of churches that are considered to be transformational. Field research indicating the communicative and emotive power of the arts in sparking transformation during worship is considered. Through comparative analysis of the various forms of data, concepts and principles of spiritual transformation are extrapolated and applied to the practices of private and public worship. Applicable implications are also drawn that are useful for persons responsible for planning and leading congregations in worship.