School of Communication and Digital Content


Master of Arts in Communication (MA)


Stuart Schwartz

Primary Subject Area

Business Administration, General; Business Administration, Marketing; Mass Communications; Sociology, General


Advertising and Promotion Management | Business | Communication | Critical and Cultural Studies | Marketing | Public Relations and Advertising | Sales and Merchandising | Sociology | Technology and Innovation


This paper investigates how the brand Apple markets their product so that consumers feel obligated to buy their product. By looking at five main categories of brand loyalty, environmentally friendly practices, being up-to-date with technology, pricing with value and customer service, this paper will rhetorically analyze how successful of a job it does. To get an inside look at what the public thought on the the way that Apple fulfilled their altercasting this paper analyzed what people said about Apple verses competing technology brands. By drawing overall conclusions, recording trends and making observations about the way that people had been altercasted this paper will give insight to the reader about how to effectively brand their product, how to implement altercasting to a consumer and to gain understanding on the how Apple has fulfilled altercasting.