School of Communication and Digital Content


Master of Arts in Communication (MA)


Stuart Schwartz

Primary Subject Area

Sociology, Organizational; Mass Communications; Information Science; Business Administration, General


Interactive Services, Non-Profits, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Web, WordPress


Advertising and Promotion Management | Business | Communication | Communication Technology and New Media | Marketing | Mass Communication | Public Relations and Advertising


While many organizations still struggle to effectively incorporate the present-day promotional framework of social media marketing, research reveals that non-profit organizations are lagging even further behind when it comes to the implementation of effective social media and interactive marketing strategies. The interactive marketing strategy model incorporates technology and media-based tactics designed to enhance marketing strategies within any industry. In this project, the primary researcher explored why non-profits are struggling to incorporate these specific strategies, and considered it through the lens of social cognitive theory. The purpose of this project was to focus on a specific non-profit organization and apply the social media marketing research within the literature review to create an interactive online and social media presence. As a result, an online web presence was established in an effort to increase brand recognition, and ultimately, increase growth in membership numbers for the organization. The researcher worked with the non-profit, Pennsylvania state-recognized diploma program Buxmont Christian Educational Institute (BCEI).