School of Communication and Digital Content


Master of Arts in Communication (MA)


Stuart Schwartz

Primary Subject Area

Sociology, General; Mass Communications; Language, Rhetoric and Composition; Business Administration, Marketing; Business Administration, General


Digital, Guerilla Marketing, Marketing, Mood Management Theory, Social Media


Advertising and Promotion Management | Arts Management | Broadcast and Video Studies | Business | Communication | Communication Technology and New Media | Critical and Cultural Studies | Marketing | Organizational Communication | Rhetoric and Composition | Visual Studies


Due to the influence of Coca-Cola on advertising, digital marketing, and marketing strategies, the present rhetorical analysis seeks to show the many aspects of digital media in the Company's present "Open Happiness" campaign. The study of the campaign seeks to show that the Company mission statement, Company values and the vision of The Coca-Cola Company are implemented into all of the different facets of the Open Happiness campaign, and in the context of Mood Management Theory, exude the overall theme of the campaign, happiness. The parts of the campaign that were analyzed were focused on the YouTube channels of The Coca-Cola Company, the social media accounts directly related to the "Open Happiness" campaign and the guerilla marketing strategies used within the campaign. The research questions for this study are as follows: RQ1: In what ways can one see the mission, vision and values of The Coca-Cola Company implemented into the videos and commercial advertisements featured on the official company YouTube channels?, RQ2: How are the mission, vision and values of The Coca-Cola Company shown within the social media strategies of the social media accounts directly used for the purposes of promoting the "Open Happiness" campaign? And RQ3: Does The Coca-Cola Company use their mission statement, company values and company vision when creating the guerilla marketing strategies for the "Open Happiness" campaign and how are those strategies portrayed within the company's digital marketing? The results indicated that The Coca-Cola Company, through their "Open Happiness" campaign, have truly lived out who they claim to be as a company by implementing themes, ideas and portrayals that clearly mirror what is stated in their mission statement, company vision and company values.