May 2007




Master of Arts (MA)


Carl D Windsor

Primary Subject Area

Mass Communications


Moody Broadcasting was the first Christian radio network that developed and used satellite distribution effectively. The project looks at the uniqueness of Moody Broadcasting Network, as part of a greater organization, Moody Bible Institute. During the twenty years, MBN was able to not only to maintain its previously owned-and-operated radio stations, but also acquire more listener-supported radio networks, without ever selling airtime. Even though the original “dream” was never fully implemented, the growth of MBN is indisputable. Chapters examine at different challenges and victories that MBN faced during these crucial years of serving the needs of listeners. This project also identifies the accomplishments that contributed to the success of MBN today. MBN is not just a “Christian radio network,” but is a name that industry peers respect and look up to, and it is a name that pioneered and paved the way for many other Christian broadcasters.