Fall 1990




Master of Arts (MA)

Primary Subject Area

Theology; Religion, General; Religion, Philosophy of


This thesis examines and evaluates the predominant view

of Jesus "the Christ" among the prominent New Agers. This

view--that Jesus was only a man who acquired mystic knowledge

and power from his experiences with the Essenes and other

mystical religions of the East, and that he manifested and

exemplified the divinity which can be found in each person-generally

opposes orthodox Christian teachings of the

monotheistic divinity of Jesus Christ.

The thesis argues that various claims of these New Agers

are inconsistent (e.g. the reliability of Akashic Record),

unverifiable (e.g. esoterism), and contrary to factual data

(e.g. Notovitch's account of Jesus' travel to the East).

While many New Agers argue that the monotheistic divinity of

Jesus is a fabrication of the true teachings of Jesus, the

thesis argues for the validity and superiority of the New

Testament and especially Paul in their attribution of

monotheistic divinity to Jesus. The thesis concludes that the

New Age view of Jesus "the Christ" must be rejected.