Master of Arts (MA)


Charles Fred Smith

Primary Subject Area

Sociology, General; Religion, General


Hadith, Islam, New Testament, Qur'an, Sexuality, Value


A central concern in the public square is the devaluation or subjugation of a people using the shield of religion. It has become an expedient and nonchalant tool to abuse a certain class of people in the name of a higher power. Islam is no exception. Throughout the holy books of Islam, women are subjected to a life of oppression, one that is approved by Allah. While many are apt to point to Christianity as an example of the same devaluation of women, there are incredible differences between these two religions, and the holy books that dictate the treatment of women. Any discussion about the religious justification for treatment of men, women or children must first turn directly to the texts for these commands. Within the pages of the Koran and the Hadith, there is an oppressive nature towards women. This is drastically different from the role that women play in the Bible. In fact, what may be considered the most oppressive view of women within the Bible, the complementarian view, is still more gracious and fair towards women than that found within Islam. Furthermore, the pages of the Bible teach a kindness, and a love toward the fairer sex as displayed by Jesus Christ himself. It does not sanction the abuse women, or to degrade their place next to God, but rather the Bible unfolds the reasoning behind the complementarian expression of the family unit and expresses this view through God and His actions toward His people.