College of Arts and Sciences


Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing


James Latta


character, plot, faith, flame


Creative Writing


The Keeper: A Ring’s Promiser follows three parallel plots; two reside in the present, the other in the past. The knowledge revealed in one increases the precariousness of the other. While in the very beginning, these three perspectives were intended to volley within one book, the course has evolved. Due to this becoming a series, the plots will intertwine slower than intended. The introduction of the others will be woven later than intended. In this first novel, the reader will follow the dynamic journey of a young Amara Knightfall. The soon-to-be queen, Elaraina Wastereon, will be tied into the plot towards the middle. Malin Baxter, the keeper before Amara, will star in book two, as the long-lost terrible king comes into play. These three characters’ fates are forever merged by the one thing they share: a bloodline. Each borne to keep watch over a ring and a kingdom. When the ring is lost, the fate of their world as they know it hangs by an ever-thinning thread. My goal for this piece is to become a character-focused series for teenagers and young adults. I aim to mature the text from its birth when I was a young high schooler. My goal is to include more conflict and action within the story to propel the development of the protagonists.