School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


David Meyer


POW, MIA, WWII, Military, Vietnam War, Prisoners of war, missing in action, war, social media design, application design, master of fine arts, awareness, design, art, fine art


Art and Design


Over the years the search for prisoners of war and missing in action has faded from the spotlight in media and social focus, yet there is still a need to help families find their loved ones that are unaccounted for. This research is aimed to investigate the knowledge of prisoners of war (POW) and those missing in action (MIA) and what current organizations are doing to support the search for the missing. Specifically, it investigates methods that would aid in the spread of bringing awareness to this topic to the public. The following research questions were asked: 1. Who are POW and MIA? 2. Why is it important to continue searching for them? 3. What are current organizations doing to support the cause? 4. What risks do military personnel face in becoming POW or MIA? Research revealed the topic is not as widely in the public eye anymore and it is not something that has been extensively addressed in the media, therefore the solution is to creatively bring awareness to the public about the service members that are still missing. By examining these research questions through a literature review, case studies, and visual analyses, a solution was created to raise awareness to continue the search for prisoners of war and those missing in action.