Pure-O OCD Is No Laughing Matter

Robert Silio, Liberty University

Document Type Article


After completing the research phase, I adopted a comprehensive approach that included a literature review, visual analysis, and content analysis. I formulated a visual solution the audience and creators for the film and television industry, drawing on insights from the research findings. Utilizing the same digital platforms that can sometimes perpetuate misinformation, social media and entertainment programming can be harnessed to convey accurate information. The strategic application of these platforms holds the potential to correct misconceptions surrounding the disorder, broadcasting an accurate message. Leveraging the profound reach of the media, this endeavor strives to maximize its wide-ranging impact to foster a heightened comprehension of the difficulties and indignities experienced by individuals contending with the condition. This approach veers away from the often disparaging portrayal OCD receives, aiming to cultivate a more empathetic perspective.