School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Chelsea Bass


Consumers, corporate philanthropy, patron, ethics, large corporations, companies, ethical dilemmas, prototype, design, philanthropy, app, app prototype, brand, consumer behavior, shop


Art and Design


This thesis will examine the issue that patrons of large corporations are often unaware of how their patronage funds divisive corporate philanthropy resulting in an ethical dilemma for the patron. To better understand this issue, research was conducted through a series of research questions. After completing this research, a literature review was conducted in addition to case studies and visual analyses. Based upon the research, a visual solution was created to serve as a resource and tool to educate consumers about the philanthropic efforts of large corporations as it relates to their values and missions. The thesis visual deliverables include an interactive prototype, logo for the app, full branding guide, various consumer and marketplace-based icons, as well as posters to be used within the community to raise awareness and advertise for the final app solution. Through these outlets, consumers will have a greater understanding of how their patronage pays support to economic, social, and political issues.