School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Joseph Wright


street fashion, streetwear, style, fashion, apparel, apparel brand, evangelism, sharing the gospel, Gen Z, Generation Z, alternative, alternative culture, Christian, Christian clothing


Art and Design


Generation Z, also known as “Gen Z”, has grown up with a negative viewpoint on Christian apparel due to outdated and overused designs. As a result, today’s youth do not express their faith through their clothes, causing a lack of potential evangelism. Generation Z makes up nearly half of the global population, and their unique qualities are vital to furthering the kingdom of God. Self-image is an integral part of this generation, and by giving them the means to express themselves through trendy Christian streetwear, they will not only take pride in representing Jesus but also evangelize to their Generation Z peers in an unexpected way. This thesis will analyze how Generation Z youth react to Christian apparel and how attractive designs will pique the interest of both Christian and non-Christian individuals. It will also examine how to better market to this unique demographic and encourage self-expression and representation in Christian youth circles, ultimately sharing the gospel. This problem will be solved by researching effective business models with similar clothing brands. Research has also been done on Generation Z consumers, apparel design, garments, modeling, and more to collect accurate information to help with this thesis project. With the completion of the research, a literature review was written, and three case studies and visual analyses were conducted to collect vital information that fits within this concept. A content analysis was also performed in addition to apparel prototypes to better understand and display this topic. Because of this research, an effective Christian streetwear brand was created that piques the interest of Gen Z youth, enabling them to use it as a means of evangelism and representation. As for deliverables, a brand identity was created for the apparel company, a social media marketing campaign was launched, and a photoshoot was held with models to display the products created. Through these deliverables, Christian Gen Z youth will be able to express themselves and share their faith through apparel that they are proud to wear.