Rawlings School of Divinity


Master of Arts in Biblical Languages (MA)


Benjamin Laird


John 9, Siloam, John 9:6, John 9:7, John 9:6-7, echo, intertextual connection, trinity, triune, water imagery, sent, creation, salvation, pattern


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


This thesis aims to solve the enigmatic narrative of Jesus’ healing of a man blind from birth at Siloam in the Gospel of John 9, with a particular focus on verses 6–7. Within the context of intertextual connections, this story resonates with numerous narrative patterns and echoes found throughout the Bible. These intertextual connections provide important keys for interpreting this passage. By discerning the intertextual connections between this narrative and other parts of the Bible, readers will gain insight into the broader themes of Creation, Salvation, and the Trinity that are interwoven into this story. It means that this passage is not merely a standalone chapter within the Gospel of John but a vessel for conveying the profound themes that permeate the entire book of John, the Johannine literature, the New Testament, and even the entirety of the Bible. Through this interconnectedness, it becomes evident that the Bible delivers a unified message about Jesus.