School of Music


Master of Arts in Music and Worship (MA)


Hanna Byrd


Worship, Curriculum, Volunteer, Music Literacy, Worship Theology


Fine Arts | Music


When building a worship team and a worship-leading choir, worship pastors seek gifted volunteers within their congregations to add to the numbers of their groups. Assessing team members' music literacy and theology of worship often comes later in the process, if at all. This project aims to determine the essentials of music literacy for a volunteer choir or worship team member. It will create a curriculum for developing those skills further through weekly rehearsals. The project will also seek to define a theology of worship for the First United Methodist Church of Red Oak, Iowa, and a plan to study and focus on that theology with the volunteers in the music ministry. The research and curriculum will provide insight and direction for other worship ministries and leaders to develop their ministry team members' musical skills and worship theology. The outcome and application of this project will be helpful to the worship team members of First United Methodist Church of Red Oak, Iowa, as they seek to grow musically and theologically and inform other volunteer music ministries and leaders with strategies and plans to develop their worship teams and ministries.