School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Samantha Miller


music education, collegiate female singers, vocal pedagogy, musical theater, classical singing, classical vs. musical theater, breathing, registration, voice study




The study of vocal pedagogy in the 21st century has brought much debate among vocal pedagogues, vocal instructors, and singers. The increase in musical genres and commercial music/musical theater programs at the collegiate level has created a new need: voice instructors who can teach outside the classical aesthetic. This study aims to research how collegiate voice professors instruct female collegiate voice students singing both classical and musical theater styles. Focusing specifically on breath management and registration, the study intends to open the discussion on the need for consistent pedagogical techniques for cross-genre teaching. Due to different pedagogical beliefs taught among professors, the verbiage and style of teaching vary in instructing students. By researching how professors teach these two genres, one can better understand the areas where consistency is needed in vocal instruction today. Through interviewing collegiate voice professors on their vocal background and pedagogical beliefs, observation of female voice students singing both classical and musical theater, and personal observation, the professors’ pedagogical techniques and approaches can be understood and provide valuable information in the world of vocal pedagogy.

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