College of Arts and Sciences


Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing


James Corey Latta


Thesis, Thesis Defense, Fiction, Spiritual Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Ether, Space Fiction, Magic, Spiritual Forces, Heroism, Armor of God, Supernatural, Adventure, Christian Literature, Ephesians 6:12


Creative Writing | Reading and Language


The document “From the Paper to the Stars” is a concise Thesis evoking the powerful art of literature. The first section is constructed to a minimal recount of the author's past when the spark for writing began in a preschool classroom, followed by inspiration from great authors (J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, to name a few) instilling a purpose to write as a commission to the Lord. The critical evaluation showcases the research of certain fiction, or fantasy, is rooted in mythological ideological reputation. However, such a genre is shown to be a tool for Christian writers to illustrate the beautiful wonder of God. The follow-up is insight toward the conceptualization of any novel's setting based on the individual's belief relating to a specific universal module. Then it evaluates the creationist theory concerning the ether (fabric of the universe), utilized to establish as the specific module forming the core physic laws within the Manuscript's universe. A final investigation is an approach to indicate parallels between idols and deities of the bygone era to demons of the bible and how such fiends have taken new forms in the modern world. The Creative Manuscript is the culmination of years of refining thoughts meant to act as more than a mere story for the amusement of masses to escape into, but an outlet for any of an audience to experience the first steps to the Lord. The Manuscript centers around a young man's journey, Andrew Reagan. A boy plagued with anxiety freshly graduates high school and is immediately taken up and met by a divine being. Accepting a commission, he receives a suit of magical armor. Later travelers arrive in a space vessel and ferry Andrew off the earth, where betrayal strikes and leads Andrew to be stranded in a distant realm. There he encounters a mysterious guardian who claims to have waited for Andrew's arrival. Those two embark on an odyssey across worlds of sea, glass, and darkness. Across his travels, Andrew learns of a galactic enemy bent on the domination and death of all free people; all the while, his fate is connected to the universal kingdom known as the Auroran Templar. This excerpt is a form of evangelization in the Great Commission, not catering to any specific group but invoking that childhood desire for heroism and triumph over evil.

Available for download on Friday, May 24, 2024