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April 2010

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Civil Rights and Discrimination | Constitutional Law | Family Law | Human Rights Law | Law | Law and Politics | Legislation | Litigation | Religion Law


The Bible plainly states that everyone must either "bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ" or continue as "enemies in your mind." Un-Biblical thinking, like un-Bibical actions, leads one on a path away from God. Part II of this Article will briefly introduce a Biblical approach to thinking about contemporary issues and discuss how Christians can unwittingly abandon distinctively Biblical thinking under the guise of neutrality. Part III will present a number of cases that highlight the fallacy of neutrality in the battle between religious liberties and rights based on homosexual conduct. Part IV will contend that the battle for rights based on homosexual conduct is a zero-sum game and that, therefore, society should choose to protect religious liberties and free speech rights. Part V will briefly conclude.