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Modern Day Teleology


This paper seeks to explain a modern day universe theory derived from Teleology, namely: Intelligent Design, under which Irreducible Complexity and Fine-Tuning fall. By virtue of being derivatives of Teleology, both of these maintain the idea that things are evolving toward a certain end for a certain purpose. Through detailed definitions and examples, it is clear that these theories support each other; the astounding specificity needed for life on earth virtually requires an Intelligent Designer. The paper then explores counter explanations for this seeming impossibility, such as the Anthropic Principle Objection, Unique Universe, and the Multiverse. Each of these theories, in its own way, utterly evades the issue of design and lacks substance enough to be a standalone theory. The Multiverse is a particularly popular theory, yet its need for multiple universes is improbable, and the “universe generator” necessary for the theory’s success would also require the designer whose necessity the theory is trying to negate. The unlikely odds of opposing theories, coupled with quantifiable support from Fine-Tuning and Irreducible Complexity, point to a theistic version of Intelligent Design as the most plausible explanation for the nature of our universe.