Editor-in-Chief: Dr. W. David Beck, Liberty University
Editor: Corey Walton, Liberty University

Quaerens Deum is Liberty University's journal for undergraduate students in philosophy of religion. The title, Quaerens Deum, indicates our Philosophy Department’s search for truth about God as an academic community, and the journal is a public forum where students can share their research in philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, apologetics, and related disciplines. As such, Quaerens Deum exists to facilitate the public pursuit of the knowledge of God through rigorous philosophical thinking and writing. Although a natural fit for philosophy and religious studies majors, students from other disciplines are invited to submit their original work in these areas.

Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1 (2021)



Personhood, Threshold and Equality
Benjamin Leon Williamson

Notable Papers from Introductory Classes


The Freedom of God
Scout Powell