A comprehensive analysis of the composition, health benefits, and safety of apple pomace

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Medicine and Health Sciences


Apple processing results in peel, stem, seeds, and pulp being left as a waste product known as apple pomace. This review comprehensively assessed apple pomace composition for nutritional value and bioactive substances and evaluated potential health benefits and safety. Apple pomace is a rich source of health-benefitting nutrients, including minerals, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and ursolic acid, which suggests it has potential use as a dietary supplement, functional food, and/or food additive. Preclinical studies have found apple pomace and its isolated extracts improved lipid metabolism, antioxidant status, and gastrointestinal function and had a positive effect on metabolic disorders (eg, hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, etc.). Safety studies have shown apple pomace to be a safe livestock feed additive and to have pesticide concentrations within safety thresholds established for human consumption. Commercial development of apple pomace for human consumption requires more research focusing on standardized methods of nutrient reporting, mechanistic studies, and human clinical trials.