Getting Unstuck: Escape three traps women face today: Anxiety, Depression and Eating Disorders

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November 1999

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Ever been emotionally stuck? Are there rough places in your life that you ca't seem to move beyond? Have you hidden your needs, afraid to reveal the depth of your pain? Do you want to let go, move on-but don't know how to start or who to tell? Linda Mintle understands. In this powerful book for women, written by a woman, she deals honestly and openly with the depression, anxiety and pain that can block your way to a full, productive life. Her stories of life and sharp insights will help you to move past those areas of hurt and loss that may have caused you pain for years!In Getting Unstuck, you'll discover:how you think, behave and relate influences your emotional health.how to know when you're stuck.how to recognize what keeps you there.how to learn new strategies that will move you forward.how to embrace-not fear-your pain.how to accept loss as change.Plus you'll get clear answers for why depression, anxiety and eating disorders affect so many women, and how can break free, once and for all.

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