The "Weeping Prophet" and "Pouting Prophet" in Dialogue: Intertextual Connections Between Jeremiah and Jonah

Gary E. Yates, Liberty University

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This paper was presented by Dr. Yates at the 2014 Evangelical Theological Society meeting in San Diego, California.


This paper explores intertextual connections between the books of Jeremiah and Jonah in the Hebrew prophets. The parallels between the two books highlight both prophets as messengers of repentance and bring out the irony of the negative response of Judah to the faithful ministry of Jeremiah versus the positive response of Nineveh to the less than faithful ministry of Jonah. The paper also explores the complaints of Jeremiah and Jonah toward Yahweh, both in their similarities and differences. The paper also focuses on the unique ways that the two books highlight Jeremiah and Jonah as prophets to the nations.