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Library and Information Science | Practical Theology


This essay appeared in Christ Animating Learning, a blog affiliated with the journal Christian Scholar’s Review.


This essay documents the process and outcomes of a structured, group-based effort used to explore the connections between the biblical worldview and librarianship. Participants in the inquiry process included the author (as moderator) and seven of his colleagues. The process entailed examining four “frames” of the biblical narrative (Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation) and eliciting implications for the realm of libraries. The biblical worldview was found to provide remarkably practical theory concerning libraries, accounting for their existence across diverse cultures worldwide; plausibly explaining virtues, flaws, opportunities, and challenges; and prescribing principles through which Christians can advance God’s kingdom through library work. The essay consists of five parts: (1) A Group Discussion Process; (2) Library Users; (3) Library Resources; (4) Library Programs, Services, and Roles; and (5) Library Personnel.