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Library and Information Science


Slides from a presentation by Amanda Hahn and Hannah Lowder given at the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy, 27-29 September 2018.


Championing information literacy has long been the mission of university librarians. When our University chose “Cultivating a Community of Research and Scholarship” as the focus of our Quality Enhancement Plan the Library was invited to join two interdisciplinary course development teams. Librarians collaborated with faculty from various academic departments to design two introductory research courses. These sequential courses lay the foundation of information literacy that springboards students to higher level research.

Inquiry 101 centers on the themes of the value and relevance of research, introduction to the application of research, and an introduction to information literacy skills. As a major assignment of Inquiry 101, students attend a Library workshop in which Librarians provide instruction in finding, accessing, and evaluating information.

Research 201 builds upon the basic information literacy concepts and skills learned in Inquiry 101 and guides students in applying those concepts and skills in the sciences, humanities, and creative arts. Students are introduced to different research methods and learn to recognize and identify their similarities and differences by analyzing research articles in the various disciplines.

Participating in the design of these two courses highlighted the Library’s expertise in information literacy. Both courses provide continual opportunities for librarians to shape the undergraduate research experience through workshops, instruction, and resources. This session will offer valuable insights in interdisciplinary course design and meeting QEP objectives.