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Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Cynthia Goodrich
Managing Editor: Timothy O'Connor
The Kabod is the official journal of Liberty University’s Honors Program. It publishes papers written by Honors students while they were enrolled either in an Honors section or in a class in which they petitioned for Honors credit. The papers have been verified as having received an “A” from the professor who graded the assignment. They have been approved for publication by the editor-in-chief and edited by a staff of bright Honors students who are gifted with editing. The banner was designed by Graphic Design major and Honors student Sarah Keller. In our desire to honor God and give Him glory, we have selected only those papers that demonstrate outstanding scholarship, rigorous research, sophisticated craftsmanship, and astute and original insights, the combination of which we consider to be Kabod.

Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1 (2023) Summer 2023-The Harvard Edition

Editor's Welcome

Dr. Marilyn Peyton and I with the support of other editorial board members, Dr. Tamra Rasberry and Dr. Dana Woody, have developed this edition of the Kabod entitled "The Harvard Edition". Dr. Jim Nutter, Honors Director and Professor, provided scholarly work from Liberty University Honors Students who presented their work at the National Collegiate Research Conference at Harvard, January 2023. The board is enthusiastic about this issue, being the first one since the Covid 19 Pandemic.
Dr. Cynthia Goodrich, Editor-in-Chief

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