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This paper is about: how I came to the understanding of, to use Talbert’s words, “the pastoral application” of the Book of Revelation, and what that message—or, more accurately, messages—are. First, the meaning of Revelation 1:3 will be explored as an up-front clue to the book’s practical intent. Second, I will explain where my renewed brainstorming on the “heeding” front initially took me in regard to a “big picture” sense of Revelation. Third, I will demonstrate how a grand chiastic structuring of the Apocalypse actually has major practical implications. Fourth, I will lay out a “spread chiasm” of the seven beatitudes in Revelation, which provides complementary insights in understanding and obeying the Book’s practical message. Finally, I will briefly summarize my findings and offer a plea for interpreters to allow the Apocalypse to speak on its own practical terms.