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School Choice Options Amid Coronavirus Pandemic in the United States

Austin Armentrout

Recipients of Major Scientific Awards a Descriptive and Predictive Analysis

Andrew Barbee

Perspectives on COVID

Glenn Bass

The “Age of Rock” versus the “Rock of Ages”: Naturalism, Social Darwinism, and Fundamentalism in the Scopes Monkey Trial

Bessie Blackburn, Liberty University

Progressives, the COVID Pandemic, and the Laboratories of Democracy: Is the Left Saying “Goodbye” to Cooperative Federalism?

William R. Bowen, Liberty University

The First Step Act of 2018

Emily Brubaker

The New Space Policy Regime and its Financial Foundation

Tamara Campbell, Liberty University

Nothing New Under the Sun: Augustine and Cicero’s Visions of How Human Nature Relates to Justice, Virtue, Biblical Wisdom, and the State

Faith Chudkowski, Liberty University

Public Reason, Rawlsian Restraint, and the Judiciary: The Influence of Political Philosophy on Legal Scholars and Judges in Relation to Religious Liberty

Marc A. Clauson, Cedarville University

The Long Road Towards Racial Reconciliation

Lia Cueto Jerez

The Barmen Declaration and the American Church: A Warning and Guidance from History

Johnny Davis

Jus Ad Bellum, Natural Law and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq

Johnny Davis

Biblical Principles of Reform and Regeneration

Kahlib Fischer, Liberty University

Cancel culture, beginning, development, and consequences.

Daniela Garcia

Racial Healing in and through the American Church

Kelly L. Hamren, Liberty University

The Threat of Social Media to Society and National Security: A Call for Social Media Policy and Legislation

Frank Hernandez

Discriminatory Original Intent: The Inevitable Demise of America's Limited Government

Sharonda Lanise Johnson, Liberty University

The Role of Church is Fostering Racial Harmony

Esther Karran

Antitrust in the Age of Trump

Stephen Langeland

Manumission in Virginia: The Anti-Slavery Legacy of John Lynch

Stephen A. Langeland, Liberty University

The Effect of State Level COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders on Death Rates

Stephen A. Langeland, Liberty University
Jose Marte
Kyle Connif

Historic Foundations for Religious Freedom and Their Inherent Conflicts

Gaylen P. Leverett, Liberty University

The Bible and the Constitution: Reading Methods, Relevance, and Authority

Gaylen P. Leverett, Liberty University

The Varying Interpretations of the United States Constitution

Joseph Longo

Illegal Abortion: Truth vs. Fiction

Andrew Looker, Jr.

The Non-Christian Nature of Marxism

Andrew Looker, Jr.

Diversifying Nuclear Technology: A Technical Analysis on Small Modular Reactors and Its Impact on Nuclear Energy Policy

Carolina Lugo Mejia
Marcos Lugo

Coronavirus Communication: Interaction of Church, State, and Constitution in the Pandemic Environment

Valeriia Manchak

The Effect of International Level COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders on Death Rates

Valeriia Manchak
Annalisa Stoll
Kyle Conniff

Defunding the Police from a Biblical Perspective

Macy Montgomery

Relations of the Catholic Church and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania Relations During the Crisis of Covid-19: Partnership or Dispute?

Audris Narbutas

Education Federalism and School Choice

Ann Pleinies

The Emergence of Transitional Justice in the United States via the Criminal Justice System

Lawrence Presley, Liberty University
Calista D. Scott
Jessica E. Delgado

Civil Disobedience from a Biblical Perspective

Gabriel Reed, Liberty University

How Unfettered Emergency Powers Have Led to the Disregard of the Rule of Law

Hannah Schanz

Bridging the Gap: Reconciling Research and Reality on Street Gang Prevention

Brent Schuliger

The Great Awokening

Samuel C. Smith, Liberty University

The Constitution, COVID-19, and Civil Disobedience: Federalism in Flames and the Slippery Slope to Socialism

Savannah Snyder

Intersectionality and the American Church

Rachel Solsman, Liberty University

An Analysis of the Relationship between Voting Law Stringency and Voter Fraud

Nicholas J. Stark, Liberty University

Constitutional Hinderance

Dena Wake

America Shared, or Separate? How Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Illuminate Conceptions of Race Today – and Where We Go From Here

Sarah A. Wall

Constitutional Crisis and the Tenth Amendment: Civil Disobedience, Founding Principles, and the State’s Responsibility

Travis Younce