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School of Health Sciences


Biology: Pre-Med


In Vitro Fertilization, Infertility, Bioethics, Theology, Medical Technology


Biblical Studies | Bioethics and Medical Ethics | Biotechnology | Ethics in Religion | Medical Education | Religious Education


Infertility pushes the boundaries of emotional and physical health, which is why many couples inside and outside the church turn to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for a solution. Despite what has seemed like silence from the Church, some individuals have braved the biological confusion and ethical dilemmas to evaluate the technology. Three major ethical viewpoints have emerged that each prioritize something over medical technology, namely community, order, or human dignity. This paper serves to educate pastors and church leaders on the ever-changing biology of ART as well as give voice to Christians that have spoken out on this issue. At stake is the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the infertile couple as well as the life of the embryo. In question is how an accurate theological view of health, medical technology, and infertility impact Christian involvement in ART.