Publication Date

Spring 4-18-2020


School of Health Sciences


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


nutrition, diet, depression, anxiety, mental health


Biochemistry | Food Processing | Human and Clinical Nutrition | Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience | Molecular Biology | Nervous System Diseases


Depression is a major clinical concern, having a complex onset and the presence of multiple, often unidentifiable causes. Depression affects millions of individuals worldwide, with a high prevalence in regions of the world with a Western-style diet as compared to regions with a Mediterranean diet. A Western-style diet consists of foods high in sugar, fat, and processed meats and grains, whereas the Mediterranean diet contains significantly more vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and whole grains. The link between diet and mental health disorders has implications for individuals of all ages who are hesitant to turn to medication. In addition to presenting a closer examination of the biochemical foundation of depression, this review focuses on the effects of factors such as food-related inflammation, nutrition, and probiotics in symptom development.