Publication Date

Spring 4-21-2020


School of Visual and Performing Arts


Theatre Arts


theatricality, live theatre, creativity, entertainment, aristotle's poetics


Dramatic Literature, Criticism and Theory | Performance Studies | Playwriting | Theatre History


In order to better understand the art of live theatre in comparison to its many counterparts, an in-depth study of the elements of live theatre that separate it must be accomplished. Through Aristotle’s The Poetics, to many contemporary studies of theatricality, to recent scripts incorporating those elements and effectively using them, the analysis of theatricality can be applied to an original script of its own kind. Some elements that have been discovered are double casting, expression through song, and even a break in the classic two act structure. The application of these elements of theatricality present a lot more issues to be examined. Do these elements even bring in the audiences, or is there something else that drives them in?