Publication Date

Spring 4-20-2020


College of Arts and Sciences




Kentucky, Civil War, Northern Kentucky, Boone County, Kenton County, Campbell County, Pendleton County, Grant County, Gallatin County, Owen County, Carroll County, Guerilla, Confederate, Confederacy, John Hunt Morgan


Military History | Social History | United States History


During the Civil War, Kentucky was deeply divided in sentiment between Union and Confederate sympathies. Although these divides could be found anywhere, even within the smallest of towns, the population of some regions numerically favored one side or the other. Even so, there was always a vocal and active minority present, leading to political and even violent contention. This thesis seeks to understand the role that pro-Confederate sentiment played in northern Kentucky during the war. It will investigate how the region influenced the war and public sentiment statewide, and the nature of the conflict within. It will investigate geographic, social, and economic factors prior to the outbreak of conflict in hopes of better understanding the local culture these people were a part of, and thereby ascertain their viewpoint on the issues related to the war. Some important sources this study relies on include political results, personal accounts, newspaper articles, and the analysis of other historians.