Publication Date

Spring 4-20-2020


School of Visual and Performing Arts


Cinematic Arts


setting, worldbuilding, character development, characterization, creative writing, fiction writing, genre, epic fantasy


Creative Writing | Fiction | Fine Arts


Epic fantasy is a genre defined by its setting. It offers writers the opportunity to be incredibly specific with the way setting contributes to the overall story, specifically as an aid character development. In order to successfully use setting to support character development, the writer must understand what preconceptions with which the reader enters the epic fantasy genre and what purpose setting plays in the overarching story world. The writer must determine what setting elements to include and, just as importantly, which to leave out. Finally, because setting is such an abstract component of writing, it is useful not only to discuss generalities that apply to all writers but to examine a specific example in order to better understand how worldbuilding can be implemented in a way that feels natural to the reader.