Publication Date

Spring 4-15-2020


School of Engineering and Computational Sciences


Engineering: Computer


Liberty University, Champions for Christ, Championing Christ, Technical Workplace, Christian life, Training Champions for Christ, Christian in Workplace, How to Champion Christ, Does Liberty University Train Champions for Christ


Engineering | Engineering Education


Liberty University's goal of training champions for Christ is a high and lofty goal. Liberty has put in place classes and assignments throughout a student's time at Liberty that are aimed towards training them to be champions for Christ. However, many students who graduate from Liberty University are left lonely and unsure of how to go forth championing for Christ. This thesis will provide the motivation and encouragement for students to not only be champions for Christ but actually champion Christ, specifically in the technical workplace. In addition, this thesis evaluates Liberty's practices and will provide changes or additions that could be made to better train champions for Christ. Ultimately, Christ has called His followers to live on mission. A saved person is a sent person and this thesis elaborates and instructs what that means for a recent graduate of Liberty University in the technical workplace.