Publication Date

Spring 2009


School of Religion


Religion: Biblical Studies

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Biblical Studies; Religion, General


Stephen, Moses, Typology, Parallels, echoes, Acts7, Acts 6, Acts 6-7, Mosaic Parallels, Old Testament


This thesis posits the idea that the author of Acts intentionally creates a literary parallel between Stephen and Moses. Comparative analysis seemingly confirms that Stephen is being portrayed as a parallel of Christ. However, little scholarly attention has been given to the possibility that the author of Acts 6-7 intentionally creates a connection between Stephen and Moses. Following an attempt to provide an objective foundation for asserting such parallels, the Stephen-Moses connections will be presented. Two implications follow from this parallel which impact the Stephen episode as well as the larger Acts narrative. The pertinent literature involves commentaries on the Stephen episode, books regarding Moses parallels throughout Christian literature, and works that help establish an objective framework through rhetorical criticism.