Publication Date

Spring 4-2020


School of Divinity


Global Studies


Islam, China, Uyghurs, Reeducation camps, humanitarian


Chinese Studies | Islamic Studies | Race and Ethnicity


Islam has been in China for hundreds of years and has been the religion to ten people groups in China, including the Uyghur people group. The Uyghurs have been under China’s domain since the mid-1700s and since then have stood out among the fifty-five recognized minority groups due to their ethnic differences in comparison to the Han majority. The Uyghurs have a rich and distinct history and cultural heritage, which is different than the Han majority culture. Since 2001 there have been campaigns to curb religious freedom in China by controlling the Uyghurs’ autonomous region of Xinjiang, located in western China. The latest move to control and regulate Islam and the Uyghur people group is a multitude of reeducation camps in Western China that houses millions of the Uyghur people. A survey of Uyghur history and literature review reveal that the Uyghurs are in a crisis with a lack of religious freedom and a lack of media coverage on what is happening currently in Western China.