Publication Date

Fall 12-3-2019


School of Education


Education: Special Education


ASD, Positive Perceptions, Positive Effects, Family Systems, ASD Siblings


Cognition and Perception | Disability and Equity in Education | Disability Studies | Educational Psychology | Social Psychology | Special Education and Teaching


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have been found to significantly impact familial structures and outcomes in various studies. The majority of the impact, however, has been primarily negative; effects like increased stress, marital discontentment, and stigmatization are commonly expressed by families. In this study data from a questionnaire, interview, and picture presentations were analyzed and triangulated to identify the positive familial effects of having a child or sibling with ASD. Parents and siblings shared that having a child or sibling with ASD has bettered their life through learning to enjoy the identity of the individual with ASD, through personal growth, and thorough positive environmental differences. These findings encourage further research into how individuals with ASD positively influence families and society.