Publication Date

Fall 11-20-2019


College of Arts and Sciences


Education: Secondary


history, historical profession, Christian historian, faith and history, biblical metanarrative, evangelism, value judgments, redemption


Other History


The Christian historian operates in the larger historical profession. This thesis begins to consider the influences of the Bible and new life on the Christian historian. It first looks at the historical profession, interpretations of history, and categories of Christian history. Such should promote a greater understanding of the position of the Christian historian. Then come explanations of a biblical worldview and new life aspects, both potential influences on Christian historians. Since the extent of their influence is potentially broad, this thesis narrows to looking at 1) the biblical metanarrative and 2) evangelism as part of new life. It considers how this metanarrative can inform value judgments in content. Second, and relatedly, this thesis proposes making certain value judgments in content for evangelistic purposes.

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