Publication Date

Fall 2001


Previously an abundant amount of research has been undertaken concerning interventions that should or should not be used for the treatment of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity-Disorder. The problem with prescribing and implementing interventions lies in the controversies that surround them. The number one controversy surrounds the issue of whether or not stimulant medication, commonly Ritalin, should be used as an intervention. A literature-based research approach and original research in the form of a survey and subsequent observations were used to discover whether stimulant medication should be used within the classroom and what forms of classroom interventions and modifications teachers and researchers are suggesting for success. The following research supports both sides of the issue concerning stimulant medication and emphasizes that the prescribing of medication and the development of interventions should be done on individual levels. The hope is that this research will help teachers, parents, and doctors alike in understanding the disorder, deciding whether medication will be useful for a particular student, and aid in the development of successful interventions.