Publication Date

Spring 2019


School of Business


Business Administration; Business: Finance


success, scripture, theory of success


Business | Finance and Financial Management


The purpose of this thesis is to reveal how an intimate relationship with God can bring internal and external success. The research will demonstrate that success from a relativistic society does not always produce overall success. Through a secular approach, success is defined differently by each human being and formed by his or her own perception of the subject. However, through a biblical worldview approach, one can achieve internal and external success brought about by a relationship with God. First, the research will recognize a few of the many man-made theories of success and analyze the different components that are within those theories. Then, it will explore a biblical approach to success defined by a faith and relationship with God. Through a comparison of a secular approach to success and a biblical approach to success, one can see the benefits and the deep fulfillment that arises when one lets faith determine the outcomes of one’s life. When believers commit their whole lives to God and trust in Him to establish their steps, not only do they receive lifelong success, but also the final success of eternal life.