Publication Date

Spring 2019


School of Engineering and Computational Sciences


Business: International Business; Engineering: Electrical


plasmonics, metamaterials, superlens, plasmon, technology, nanotechnology, surface plasmon polariton, optical computing, Brewster angle microscopy, vibrational spectroscopy, cloaking device, cloaking, photovoltaics, subwavelength microscopy


Semiconductor and Optical Materials


New technological frontiers appear every year, and few are as intriguing as the field of plasmonic metamaterials (PMMs). These uniquely designed materials use coherent electron oscillations to accomplish an astonishing array of tasks, and they present diverse opportunities in many scientific fields.

This paper consists of an explanation of the scientific background of PMMs and some technological applications of these fascinating materials. The physics section addresses the foundational concepts necessary to understand the operation of PMMs, while the technology section addresses various applications, like precise biological and chemical sensors, cloaking devices for several frequency ranges, nanoscale photovoltaics, experimental optical computing components, and superlenses that can surpass the diffraction limit of conventional optics.