Publication Date

Spring 5-7-2009


School of Religion


Religion: Biblical Studies

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Biblical Studies


N.T. Wright, Justification, Hope, New Perspective, Paul, Romans 5-8, Righteousness


Biblical Studies | Comparative Methodologies and Theories | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


Over the past three decades, New Testament scholars of the Reformed tradition and the “New Perspective” have debated whether the Apostle Paul’s Christian theology about the Law and salvation was in agreement with the teaching of mainstream first-century Judaism regarding the Law and the salvation of God’s covenant people. Among these New Perspective scholars is the Bishop of Durham, N.T. Wright, whose works will be considered in this paper. The Reformed position’s insistence that the imputed righteousness of Christ is the grounds of believer’s present justification and hope has been challenged by Wright, who has proposed an alternative view on justification. This paper will examine whether Wright’s “fresh perspective” on justification provides the same present hope which Paul celebrates in Romans 5-8.