Publication Date

Spring 4-24-2019


School of Communication; College of Arts and Sciences; School of Visual and Performing Arts


Digital Media and Communication Arts; English


emotion, experience, memoir, amygdala, marketing, poetry, prose, stream of consciousness, free indirect discourse, interior monologue, bibliotherapy, narcissism


Communication | Creative Writing | Nonfiction | Publishing | Sociology of Culture


Amygdala Era is a culmination of short memoirs and brief poetry designed to express a stream of consciousness state of emotion over logic. The work utilizes base, primal parts of the mind such as happiness, sadness, and fear, and dissipates into the emotion and memory that is experienced daily. This is achieved through a focus on creative writing theory including stream of consciousness, interior monologue, and free indirect discourse. Amygdala Era synthesizes the techniques, strategies, and methodology of these three theories by examining past literary examples from world history. Analysis of the targeted market for Amygdala Era is detailed based on the results from similar works. Argumentation for anticipated success is achieved by comparing said similar works to the final product.


This thesis includes Amygdala Era itself, as well as under-girding information regarding amygdala biology, target psychographics and demographics, and the rise of memoir use in the 21st century.