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College of Arts and Sciences


Interdisciplinary Studies


health care, health care system, population health, quality, insurance, United States, Spain, comparison, access to care, fairness in financing


Health and Medical Administration | Health Economics


When it comes to understanding and improving the United States health care system, comparison and analysis with the health care system of another country provides valuable insights. In this thesis, the United States’ health care system was compared to that of Spain, as the health care system of Spain is generally ranked well above the United States in terms of quality, function, and cost. In the comparison, information such as the health of the population, the quality of health care received, accessibility, and health care costs indicate the state of the health care systems and their ability to function well in providing their services. Overall, while both systems produce similar results in terms of population health and service quality, there are major differences in health care cost and wait time satisfaction. This suggests that while both systems perform their functions adequately, there is still room for improvement on the part of the United States in providing higher quality health care at a more affordable cost.