Publication Date

Spring 4-17-2009


School of Business


Business: Marketing

Primary Subject Area

Business Administration, Marketing


Strategic Analysis, Foot Locker, Foot Locker Strategy, Foot Locker History, Foot Locker Industry, Athletic Footwear and Apparel Industry, Foot Locker Recommendation


Marketing | Strategic Management Policy


During the past couple of years, Foot Locker, Inc. has underperformed the public’s expectations. This has been evidenced by the rapid slide of its share price. The current economical situation has further weighted down on the company’s ability to provide shareholder value. This paper will describe the problems associated with Foot Locker, Inc.’s underperformance in the marketplace. These problems must be remedied if the company is to earn an attractive rate of return for its investors. Using secondary research, these problem areas will be identified by analyzing the current internal and external situation surrounding Foot Locker, Inc., determining the intensity of Porter’s Five Competitive Forces on industry profitability, looking at the competitive positions of Foot Locker’s major competitors based on price and geographical coverage, identifying the key success factors (KSFs) associated with the industry, analyzing Foot Locker’s current strategy, and conducting a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis. Finally, the future strategic elements essential to building an attractive and sustainable return on investment (ROI), required by its shareholders, will conclude this strategic analysis of Foot Locker, Inc.