Publication Date

Spring 4-2019


School of Education


Education: Elementary/Middle; Education: Special Education


bullying, children’s literature, students with disabilities, schools, bibliotherapy, harassment, catharsis, inclusion, coping


Disability and Equity in Education | Early Childhood Education | Special Education and Teaching


Bullying is an ever-present issue rampant in schools and society today. It is incredibly eye-opening to consider the striking rates, harmful effects, and possible coping mechanisms associated with bullying. When considering this heavy topic from an educator’s point of view, it is critical that children’s literature be discussed as a powerful weapon to combat bullying. Educators should utilize literature to address bullying and initiate discussions concerning this challenging subject within their classes; prepare their students for being in an inclusion classroom among peers with and without disabilities; inform their students about disabilities that some of their classmates may be diagnosed with; and offer a cathartic experience for students to properly cope and find connections within literature. Therefore, it is crucial that teachers, specialists, parents, and other school officials are well-informed and adequately prepared to address bullying in their classrooms and to especially guard their students with disabilities from harassment.